The Ultimate Guide On Purchasing Atlas Roof Lanterns UK

Top Guide On buying Atlas Roof Lanterns UK

Roof lanterns can be defined as an architectural element which is capable of providing daylight into the rooms or space below. The major benefit of Atlas Roof lanterns UK is that the rooms need not use electricity for lighting purpose during the daytime.

The light from the sun will enter the rooms directly if roof lanterns are used properly. Roof lanterns are best suited for kitchens and living rooms. It is believed that sunlight has the ability to destroy bacteria and other microorganisms which may cause health problems.

Moreover, sunlight has the ability to keep the kitchen and living rooms dry all the time. Moreover, roof lanterns are capable of allowing fresh air circulation in rooms and. It has many vents which can be opened and closed for controlling the passage of air or wind in rooms. That is why roof lanterns are advised for kitchens and living rooms.

Features of roof lanterns

As the name suggests, roof lanterns are fixed at the roof. They are made in different colours and designs in order to decorate the roof, although most of the roof lanterns are available in white finish. It is possible to construct a lot of vents on roof lanterns.

These vents can be operated manually or electrically. It is possible to control the natural light entry into the room by opening or closing different vents fixed at different places of the roof lantern. Roof lanterns are available in different styles and designs.

Some of them are a pyramid in shape while others may be the octagonal or square type. Aluminium and PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) sheets are normally used for the making of roof lanterns. These materials are capable of fighting against corrosion and other naturally induced problems.

Another reason for using these materials for the production of roof lantern is their light weight. Metals like iron are heavy compared to aluminium and they do not have water resistant capacity just like aluminium or PVC.

Atlas roof lanterns uk


As mentioned earlier, transparent PVC sheets and aluminium frames are the major components of roof lanterns. Aluminium frames used to make the desired shape or skeleton of the lantern and PVC sheets are inserted in these frames.

Some nuts and screws may also be used for the assembling of the roof lanterns in the factory. Once the testing is over in the factory, the lantern components will be dismantled, packed and delivered to the people who order it. It is possible to assemble these components at the site easily using the installation instructions available in the package.


The price of roof light lanterns varies depending on the shape and size. The prices of complex designs may be slightly higher compared to normally designed roof lanterns. In some cases, roof lanterns are made using timbers as well in order to reduce the cost. However, aluminium made roof lanterns may have a longer life compared to the timber made ones.

To conclude, Atlas roof lanterns uk are capable of improving the entry of natural light and fresh air into rooms, kitchens and living spaces. They are available in different colours, designs, and sizes. Aluminium, PVC, and timber are the major components of a typical roof lantern.

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